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Sunday, January 23, 2011

National Infertility Awareness Week 2011 - Increase Awareness through YOUR State, County or Local Library!!!

I need your help! I wanted to do something to bring awareness to infertility during National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) April 24th - 30th, to bring more awareness to infertility. The idea started as me contacting my local library and asking them to feature books relating to infertility during NIAW this year. As the idea started to grow and I really wanted to try to get as many libraries on board as possible.... but I can't do it alone. I figured I would tap into this amazing community for help! I cannot do this by myself, BUT with you, we can!

Please take a few minutes of your time to contact your local library and ask them to feature books during National Infertility Awareness Week. I have created a sample letter that you may copy or send your own version. I could not find a directory of email addresses for public libraries so you may have to click around to get an email address or take a minute or two and pick up the phone to contact them directly.

I contacted my local branch library and they were very accommodating. Instead of contacting each individual branch within my county, my local branch gave me the contact number for the person at the county that coordinates these things. I will be contacting her next week. If you have a few extra minutes, please consider doing the same thing to get even more coverage for you county for National Infertility Awareness Week.

If you get a response from your letter, please add it to the google document link with the state, county and library branch (if applicable). There is also a place for you to list your blog, facebook and twitter, if you choose.

My goal is to have representation in each state and even internationally. Please post this link to your FB status or twitter or write a blog post about it to get more people involved.
Together, we can make a difference!

Sample Letter

National Infertility Awareness Week is April 24th - 30th. Infertility affects 1 in 8 couples. Please consider featuring infertility related books at your library during National Infertility Awareness Week to raise awareness. In turn, your library will be listed on the My Hopeful Journey facebook page and twitter (@hopeful_journey).

Here is a link to a PDF document created by Resolve, The National Infertility Association, entitled Infertility 101: Get the facts. You may want to print and display this flyer or make it available on your website.

Please reply to this email with the information that you want posted about your library and it will be added to the list of libraries that are supporting National Infertility Awareness Week.

With much hope and appreciation,

Friday, January 21, 2011

5 Reasons to "Like" My Hopeful Journey Facebook Page

My Hopeful Journey now has a more powerful way for you to connect with us on Facebook. We’ve created a Facebook Page, My Hopeful Journey, designed to better serve the population of those affected by infertility. What can you expect by connecting with us on Facebook?

You will…
• receive updates about My Hopeful Journey, including new features and exclusive offers
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• be able to start and join discussions on a variety of topics
• join a community who share common experiences with infertility

Click "like" in the top left facebook box and love our new page!  Please join in the conversation about infertility and find hope (and help) along your journey!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Breaking the "Infertile" Silence

Have you read the Self article "This Women has a Secret"? It was a life changing article for so many women and helped them find their "voice" for infertility... because so often women suffer in silence!

Join Resolve on Thursday, January 20th for a TeleSeminar with the author, Jennifer Wolff Perrine.

"Share" this with your FB and twitter community if you think they will be interested, thanks!

My Hopeful Journey was only a concept when this article was published. Thanks to Jennifer Wolff Perrine it was one of the driving forces to bring a "voice" to this concept. I wanted to do my part in helping women that are struggling with infertility.

My Hopeful Journey is a web-based application to help women manage their treatment and it launches this spring. "Like" the My Hopeful Journey facebook page to receive the latest information about My Hopeful Journey and other information from the infertility community including news, events and community advocacy.

Read more at the blog post  "Finding a Voice for Infertility".

"Like" My Hopeful Journey to stay connected!

Other ways to stay connected:
Facebook Page: My Hopeful Journey - Infertility Treatment Tracking Simpl-IF-ed
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

ABC’s of l-IF-e

Add this list to your infertility survival kit and feel free to add your own items, words of encouragement and coping mechanisms in the comments below!

Attitude – Stay positive, Advocate - Be present in your treatment
Balance - is important in your sanity especially during this time
Cry - if you need to (By popular demand - Chocolate)
Exercise and Eat Healthy
Faith, Forgiveness, Flexibility
Give up controlling everything
Imagine your dreams coming true
JOURNEY, Journal
Knowledge – learn, be part of the journey
Live, Laugh, Love
Mindset, Manicure, Meditate
Nurture yourself and your relationships
Organize, Options - explore
Prioritize, Pedicure
Questions – ask for more information if you don't understand
Rest and Relax
Support – ask when you need it
Try, Try and Try 
Unexpected – view your cycle as a guide, expect changes
Walk, Wish
eXpectations – don’t put too much pressure on yourself
Zzzz – get enough sleep

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Feature: HOPE Support Group and Dancing Upon Barren Land Website

I decided to feature my 1st blog giveaway winners in my blog posts this month.  I am so appreciative to this community and I want to share the love and support other blogs in this journey! 

In my 1st Blog Giveway, I met an amazing women, Lesli Westfall, that is using her infertility and spirituality to support other women that are also struggling. Her perspective is so amazing and refreshing.  I read a recent post from her called Don't Look Back and it reminded me of one of my first posts called Lessons Learned from Infertility. I believe it is important for us to learn from life's lessons, especially the difficult ones. She has such a positive outlook on her infertility and also brings a compassion to other women that is so genuine and heart-felt!

Here is some more information about her support group and online ministry. Please take a moment to read on, visit her site and sign up for a devotional in your inbox!

HOPE, an acronym for Hearts Of Promise and Expectation for Women, a Christian Infertility Support Group, began at Lakewood Church four years ago. HOPE is a Christian based group, providing spiritual and emotional support for women experiencing infertility, secondary infertility, miscarriages or failed adoption attempts. Women come from all over the greater Houston area, and whether they attend church or have a faith in God, they experience God's love and a sense that He has not forgotten them. Those attending receive an encouraging lesson, then break up into small groups sharing their journey and receiving specific prayer for their need. This type of format has fostered lasting friendships. God's goodness prevails, we've seen countless women take their bundles of joy home!

HOPE meets the first Thursday of the month, 7:00 p.m. at Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas ***(fyi-we've had 20 babies this year alone, 16 born and 4 adopted! woo-hoo!)

Lesli Westfall, the HOPE support group leader at Lakewood Church is no stranger to infertility. She has experienced her share of heartache and emotional ups and downs. Yet each time, through it all, her disappointments have led her to an appointment with a presence greater than herself-God. It is through these experiences that she encourages other women on the same road. As she led the support group at Lakewood, there would be countless emails coming in nationally and internationally asking, "What does the Bible say about infertility?" "How can I cope another day?" "Where is God in the midst of my heartache?" Through the inquiries she realized a 'felt-need'. Women were 'silently suffering' out there, even in the midst of their own congregations, synagogues or places of worship. It was at this time she created an online Christian ministry, a website for those suffering with infertility called 'Dancing Upon Barren Land ~ Spiritual Nourishment for the Infertility Road'.

The site includes Resources, Prayers, Infertility Etiquette and a Devotional Blog; including Monday Morning Prayer and Fertility Fact Fridays. Her mission is to inspire faith and encourage women that they are not alone and to keep believing for the impossible! To let them know that there is a God who cares, loves and who has not forsaken them.

Website: Dancing Upon Barren Land
Twitter: @DUBLhope