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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Feature: HOPE Support Group and Dancing Upon Barren Land Website

I decided to feature my 1st blog giveaway winners in my blog posts this month.  I am so appreciative to this community and I want to share the love and support other blogs in this journey! 

In my 1st Blog Giveway, I met an amazing women, Lesli Westfall, that is using her infertility and spirituality to support other women that are also struggling. Her perspective is so amazing and refreshing.  I read a recent post from her called Don't Look Back and it reminded me of one of my first posts called Lessons Learned from Infertility. I believe it is important for us to learn from life's lessons, especially the difficult ones. She has such a positive outlook on her infertility and also brings a compassion to other women that is so genuine and heart-felt!

Here is some more information about her support group and online ministry. Please take a moment to read on, visit her site and sign up for a devotional in your inbox!

HOPE, an acronym for Hearts Of Promise and Expectation for Women, a Christian Infertility Support Group, began at Lakewood Church four years ago. HOPE is a Christian based group, providing spiritual and emotional support for women experiencing infertility, secondary infertility, miscarriages or failed adoption attempts. Women come from all over the greater Houston area, and whether they attend church or have a faith in God, they experience God's love and a sense that He has not forgotten them. Those attending receive an encouraging lesson, then break up into small groups sharing their journey and receiving specific prayer for their need. This type of format has fostered lasting friendships. God's goodness prevails, we've seen countless women take their bundles of joy home!

HOPE meets the first Thursday of the month, 7:00 p.m. at Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas ***(fyi-we've had 20 babies this year alone, 16 born and 4 adopted! woo-hoo!)

Lesli Westfall, the HOPE support group leader at Lakewood Church is no stranger to infertility. She has experienced her share of heartache and emotional ups and downs. Yet each time, through it all, her disappointments have led her to an appointment with a presence greater than herself-God. It is through these experiences that she encourages other women on the same road. As she led the support group at Lakewood, there would be countless emails coming in nationally and internationally asking, "What does the Bible say about infertility?" "How can I cope another day?" "Where is God in the midst of my heartache?" Through the inquiries she realized a 'felt-need'. Women were 'silently suffering' out there, even in the midst of their own congregations, synagogues or places of worship. It was at this time she created an online Christian ministry, a website for those suffering with infertility called 'Dancing Upon Barren Land ~ Spiritual Nourishment for the Infertility Road'.

The site includes Resources, Prayers, Infertility Etiquette and a Devotional Blog; including Monday Morning Prayer and Fertility Fact Fridays. Her mission is to inspire faith and encourage women that they are not alone and to keep believing for the impossible! To let them know that there is a God who cares, loves and who has not forsaken them.

Website: Dancing Upon Barren Land
Twitter: @DUBLhope

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