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Sunday, January 16, 2011

ABC’s of l-IF-e

Add this list to your infertility survival kit and feel free to add your own items, words of encouragement and coping mechanisms in the comments below!

Attitude – Stay positive, Advocate - Be present in your treatment
Balance - is important in your sanity especially during this time
Cry - if you need to (By popular demand - Chocolate)
Exercise and Eat Healthy
Faith, Forgiveness, Flexibility
Give up controlling everything
Imagine your dreams coming true
JOURNEY, Journal
Knowledge – learn, be part of the journey
Live, Laugh, Love
Mindset, Manicure, Meditate
Nurture yourself and your relationships
Organize, Options - explore
Prioritize, Pedicure
Questions – ask for more information if you don't understand
Rest and Relax
Support – ask when you need it
Try, Try and Try 
Unexpected – view your cycle as a guide, expect changes
Walk, Wish
eXpectations – don’t put too much pressure on yourself
Zzzz – get enough sleep

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