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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Breaking the "Infertile" Silence

Have you read the Self article "This Women has a Secret"? It was a life changing article for so many women and helped them find their "voice" for infertility... because so often women suffer in silence!

Join Resolve on Thursday, January 20th for a TeleSeminar with the author, Jennifer Wolff Perrine.

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My Hopeful Journey was only a concept when this article was published. Thanks to Jennifer Wolff Perrine it was one of the driving forces to bring a "voice" to this concept. I wanted to do my part in helping women that are struggling with infertility.

My Hopeful Journey is a web-based application to help women manage their treatment and it launches this spring. "Like" the My Hopeful Journey facebook page to receive the latest information about My Hopeful Journey and other information from the infertility community including news, events and community advocacy.

Read more at the blog post  "Finding a Voice for Infertility".

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