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Monday, October 11, 2010

Birthday Wish - Send a Card TODAY to this Sick Boy!

I received this email this morning from a close friend of mine.  It touched my heart and also made me very sad.  I wanted to share this with each of you because I know how supportive this community is.  I can't imagine being blessed with a child and then knowing that they would be taking away too early!  I am going to the bookstore today to send Hunter a card... His birthday is in 2 days. 

If you are like me... I did my shopping over the weekend so I would have a tough time getting to the store today if I didn't have a store that I could walk to from work.  I ask that you send anything... it will only cost you a few minutes and a stamp.  Maybe print a page from an online coloring book, type a Happy Birthday message in Word, send a quick note that just says Happy Birthday Hunter, it doesn't have to be big.. he is just asking for lots of birthday wishes (and prayers)!

Hello All,

I was at a meeting last night at our Women's Church group and one of the women put out a request. The grandnephew of one of our members, Hunter Scott, has been fighting for the last couple of years with brain cancer. He is going to turn 7 years old on October 13th. When he was asked what he wanted for his birthday, he said he wanted to get a lot of birthday cards. We have been asked to reach out to others to see if they will send him a birthday card. We're not asking to send money, only a card. He has been in and out of Childrens' Hospital in Washington , DC , and is a real fighter. Though the doctors have said that this will probably be his last birthday. If you have time and an extra card, can you send one to him? If you are comfortable sending this request to your friends, I know he would love to get cards from all over the country. More than anything though, he and his family could use your prayers.



Send cards to:
Hunter Scott
c/o Jessica Koehn
P.O. Box 278
St. Leonard , MD 20685

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