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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Blogging Jitters! Anyone else?

Why do I have so many blog posts started and only 8 finished.  I really need to get the hang of this.  I feel like I am totally over thinking everything.. like I am writing something that could be viewed by the whole world... oh never mind - I AM!  Has anyone else experienced this? 

Hitting the publish button makes me a little, actually a lot nervous.  I am THINKING way too much about this.  I guess that is both a blessing and a curse?  And of course, I started this on September 24th.. lets see how long it takes me to hit publish. 

I really want to get up the nerve to do a 30 day blog challenge but I can't even commit to 1 post a week much less a day!  I have signed up for the October IComLeavWe from October 21st - 28th.  This will absolutely force me to post and comment and hopefully get me in a good blogging routine. 

Is it ludicrous for me to have 8 posts (now 9) published and 22 drafts? 

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