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Sunday, October 31, 2010

October ICLW Scorecard

I am so glad I participated in my 1st ICLW!   If I had to give myself a grade based on the rules of ICLW, I would say I got an A.  I got behind one day but I did catch up the next day.  I also made up my own rules so I didn't get so overwhelmed with the ICLW commitment.  Based on my rules I would say I got a B. 

My ICLW Rules
  1. Log each blog comment made each day on my spreadsheet*
  2. Visit new blogs each day for the entire week (tracked on spreadsheet)
  3. If I didn't connect immediately to the 1st post I read, I read more posts so I could really try to relate and connect
  4. Reply back to each comment that I get on my blog
  5. Write a new post each day (I didn't quite follow this one which is what made my grade a B instead of an A.... I wrote 5 but that was a record for me)
I really wanted to try to get to know and read as many different blogs as possible for the first go round... hence rule #2.  There are so many great stories out there to follow!  The blogging community is overwhelming and I don't want to bite off more than I can chew with following too many blogs.  I feel like I could get lost for hours upon hours on my computer screen if I don't set limits... How do you manage your blogging time with everything else?  How do you choose which blogs you will follow?  Any ideas?

* I created a spreadsheet from the master list of October participants to keep track each day of the blogs that I read and commented on.  (I will do this each month that I participate and post it right next to the ICLW button just in case you are an anal as I am). 

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  1. i feel like we are two of a kind. my day at work revolves around spreadsheets. you definitely had some lofty goals for your first ICLW! way to go. i blog during my lunch hour at work, or at least try to catch up then.. as for choosing who to follow, i don't have any sort of qualifications other than if i can relate b/c they are on a similar journey, or they say something that really hits home